Main focus on removing the Mother Tongue Influence in English Language and overcoming problems with diction and pronunciation.

Module outline: 

  • Basics of English Grammar – common mistakes when trying to translate from mother tongue language to English
  • Vowel Pronunciation
  • Proper articulation of consonants
  • Mother Tongue Influences in language
  • Diction, Pronunciation, Phonetics
  • Rate of speech – proper pauses when required
  • Stress patterns in speech
  • Rhythm in speech and voice
  • Review and feedback on accent and practice exercises for Voice Neutralization


Demographics :

Type: 121
15 hours session
Service Tax: 
14.5% extra
GroomX Academy
Days of the session (Any day between) :
Monday – Sunday
2 days a week
Time of the session (Anytime between) :
9:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Per session minimum of : 1.5 hour