In-house Training:

The in-house training sessions have more than 70% activity based experiential learning methodologies incorporated. The participants are involved in activities that requires individuals to work as a cohesive unit. This facilitates learning of concepts through discovery. The concepts thus learnt are then correlated to work place situations through roleplays.

Outbound Training:

The participants are taken to an unfamiliar environment and given a set of challenges to solve. The only resource they have,to accomplish these difficult tasks are their own group members. This enhances the spirit of interdependence and drives learning at a faster rate

Key Focus Areas of our Team Building Skills Training Program:

Conflict Resolution
Goal Setting
Understanding Team Development
Problem Solving
Benefits of Team Building Courses:
Builds Trust
Improved Communication within the Team
Nurtures an Attitude of Conflict Resolution
Increases ‘Team Synergy’
Celebrate Success Together


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