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Goal Setting:

  • Understand the power of goal setting.
  • Follow guidelines to set goals designed for achievement and success.
  • Strategies for Goal-Setting
  • Identifying and Recording Goals
  • Discover strategies to help maintain the focus and discipline required to achieve goals to bring you reward and satisfaction.
  • Self-Reflection Questions
  • What are my goals:
    • Short term?
    • Long term?
    • Academic / Work goals?
    • Life goals?
    • Why have I set these goals for myself?
    • How do these goals relate to my values?
    • How are these goals helping me achieve what I want in university and in my life?
  • A Suggested Time frame for Setting and Revising Academic Goals:
    • Academic Program:
      • Term Goals:
      • Weekly:
      • Daily:
  • Strategies for Prioritizing :
    • 4D’s
      • Do it
      • Delegate it
      • Defer/Delay it
      • Dump it
    • A-B-C
  • A: Immediate/ must do
  • B: Might do now but don’t have to/ could do if time
  • C: Nice but not likely to happen/ can be delayed


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