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Groomx Training for Schools
Grooming & Finishing (Art of Dressing – Dress Sense)

  •  Social Everyday Dressing
  •  Personal Hygiene & Grooming
  •  Managing to get ready on own
  •  Wardrobe Building
  •  Color Combination
  •  Hair Care
  •  Skin Care
  •  Wardrobe Analysis
  •  Creating Lasting Impression
Social Graces (Behavioural Skills)
  •  Etiquette for a girl to Be
  •  Etiquette for a boy to Be
  •  Art of Sitting, Standing, Walking
  •  Importance of Hand Shake
  •  Social Greetings & Introductions
  •  Reflecting Confidence
  •  How to carry oneself
  •  Importance of Gestures & Postures
Wellness Management
  •  Dealing with Shyness
  •  Respecting Elders
  •  Art of being Honest
  •  Handling Bullying
  •  Learning to accept YES & NO
  •  Art of Handling Mistakes
  •  Handling Rudeness
  •  Overcoming Rudeness
Social Etiquette
  •  Telephone Etiquette
  •  Cell phone Etiquette
  •  Do’s & Don’t of Telephone Etiquette
  •  Answering & Passing the message
  •  Overcoming the “LYING HABIT”
Improving English Speaking Skills
  •  Speaking Skills
  •  Listening Skills
  •  Accent Correction
  •  Improving fluency
  •  Development of the Habit of thinking in English
  •  Pronunciation Skills
  •  Avoid Slangs during Communication
  •  Confidence in English with everyday situation
Dining Etiquette
  •  Table Manners
  •  Doe’s & Don’t of Dining Etiquette
  •  Table setup
  •  Cutlery Identification
  •  Eating with Cutlery
  •  Handling difficult food
  •  Restaurant Etiquette
Art of Public Speaking
  •  Building Confidence
  •  Preparing to present
  •  Confidently Dealing with Panic Situation
  •  Dealing with Fear on Stage
  •  Learning to accept YES & NO
  •  Becoming a good presenter
  •  How to draw a line
Self Esteem
  •  Building better bonds with parents
  •  Avoid Comparison
  •  Overcoming the “Lying Habit “
  •  Channelizing the way of “ Truth”
  •  Topics to Avoid
  •  Controlling high pitch tone
  •  Art of Apologizing
  •  Art of saying Sorry
  •  Power of Concentration
  •  Dealing with peer pressure
  •  Art of small talk
  •  Importance of Team Building
  •  Art of making & retaining friends
  •  Importance of Time Management
  •  How to be a leader
  •  Anger Management
  •  Attitude Management
  •  Parent –Teen Interaction

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