soft skill training

Soft skills are essential life skills which transform human lives both personally and professionally to impeccable heights when mastered. GroomX Finishing Academy is the best place where you can experience the essence of real transformation when it comes to Soft skills.  GroomX is a one-stop solution for all your Soft skills training requirements.

  • We assist you in your day to day social & business interactions, behavior & image management there by helping you to create your unique identity & help you evolve as an upgraded version of yourself.
  • We offer training sessions right from students to Senior Management Professionals in Corporate including CEO’s & Director’s.
  • Our team of highly qualified & experienced Coaches who are versatile and enriched with insight make us a unique brand in our delivery.
  • At GroomX you can experience high impactful sessions with phenomenal quality that is customized to suit your personal & professional requirements in Soft skills thereby helping you to enhance your social & professional image.
  • Our training sessions with experiential & accelerated learning methods make our quality of delivery one of the bests.
  • Our approach is aligned with contemporary needs coupled with an intense focus on the specific expected outcome.
  • We aim at maximizing your learning abilities & build your skills with our standard training sessions.<br>