Phase 01: The Material

Establishing a clear purpose
Using successful information
gathering techniques
Choosing the best route through your material
Identifying the key points
Creating strong openings and closings
Knowing the pros and cons of different visual aids
Making it big, bold and brilliant

Phase 02: The Presenter

Carrying out the ‘essential checks’
Presenting the ‘right’ image
Using your words, tone and body language
Working with the qualities of your voice
Acknowledging and overcoming nerves
Using relaxation techniques
Using mannerisms and gestures to enhance impact

Phase 03: The Audience

Knowing your audience to develop presentations that appeal
Building rapport
Getting and keeping them on your side
Working with questions
Handling difficult people
Understanding group dynamics

Phase 04:

Example presentation by participant on a real work presentation topic, to include visual aids, typically 15-20 minutes.
Feedback and assessment of strong points and areas for development.
Agreement of areas to work on.
Preparation for a second delivery.
Second delivery of presentation with feedback as to progress.
Agreement of areas still requiring development.
Input on the presentation / delivery, to include: voice work, body language, audience targeting/ tailoring, message packaging and delivery, visual aids; during this session the participant is encouraged to practice and apply these to their presentation.
Question technique, planning and structure, introduction and closing techniques, notes and visual aid layout can all be covered as part of the overall feedback and coaching process.

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