Confidence Building For Kids:

Build your confidence and project a better you.
Course Content :

  • What is Self Confidence ?
  • What is included in Self Confidence ?
  • Why is Self Confidence Important ?
  • Self Esteem Importance
  • How to develop Self Esteem

Type: 121 Training
Duration: 1 month session. 15 hours.
Fees: Rs.8,000/-
Service Tax: 14.5% extra
Venue: GroomX Academy
Days of the session (Any day between) :
Monday – Sunday
2 days a week
Time of the session (Anytime between) :
9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Per session minimum of : 1.5 hour

Confidence and the right attitude make it easy to walk down the corridors of success. Self-confidence is often a more important asset than skill, knowledge, or even experience. The lack of self-confidence makes even the smallest of tasks seem difficult, which further demotivates and makes it hard to focus towards achieving success.


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