best of Soft skills Training in Bangalore


Content :
  • Table manners
  • Silverware
  • Glassware
  • Formal table setting
  • Casual table setting
  • Etiquette for buffet
  • Etiquette at restaurants and handling staff
  • Handling difficult to eat food
  • Wine etiquette basics (no actual wine will be served)

Introduction to :
  • Use of chopsticks
  • Etiquette of using of chopsticks
  • The do’s and don’ts of chopsticks

Other :
  • Understanding Table setting & layout
  • Getting on with Napkins and its usage
  • Right way of enjoying your soup
  • Handling a Glass
  • When to use Hands directly to eat food
  • Art of Small Talk-Striking
  • Conversations, Taboo Topics, Pitch and tone of voice
  • Crockery and Cutlery – Usage
  • Dining Etiquette – Doe’s and Don’s

Methodology of the session :

Combination of  Demonstration and Serve of veg food to make this most interactive training program.

Type: Group Session
Duration: 3.5 hours session
Fees:Rs.2,000/- (Per Student)
Service Tax: 14.5% extra
Venue: GroomX Academy
Days of the session (Any day between ):
Monday – Sunday
1/2 day Session
Time of the session:
12:00 – 3:30 PM