Self Grooming & Personal Hygiene Skills For Children

Content :
  • What is Self Grooming ?
  • Importance of Self Grooming.
  • Understanding : Colors, Combination and Accessories.
  • Putting on and taking off: Clothes and Shoes.
  • Comfortable Dressing Skills.
  • Creating flip charts on : Dressing does and dont.
  • Getting organized with Dressing & Appearance.
  • Talk about hygiene routines.
    • What needs to happen everyday?
    • Or What tasks do you do in the morning?
    • Which tasks do you do in the evening?
    • What tasks do you do throughout the day?
    • Or What needs to happen about once a week?
    • What only happens occasionally?
  • Personal Hygiene Care : Breath, Perspiration – Body Odor, Hair,Skin,Teeth,Hands,Feet, Nails
  • Preparing them to make them self care kit.

121 Training
Group Activities
 1 month session. 12 hours.
Service Tax: 
14.5% extra
GroomX Academy
Days of the session (Any day between) :
Monday – Sunday
2 days a week
Time of the session (Anytime between) :
9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Per session minimum of : 1.5 hour

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